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Starting an E-Presence Classroom

These instructions are intended for E-Presence Classrooms. If you are connecting using legacy ITV equipment, also known as Tandbergs, click here.

  1. All E-Presence classrooms are equipped with either a control box on the wall or a control touchscreen on the desk. Press the “On” button to turn on the equipment.
    NOTE: If using a control touchscreen that is off, tap anywhere on the screen to activate it.
  2. Ensure the “PC” or “Desktop” button is pressed.
    NOTE: E-Presence classes only utilize the "On," "Off," and "PC/Desktop" buttons and volume knobs, unless otherwise noted.
  3. On the PC, login to the E-Presence account, not your own account. The account information should be listed in the room and begins with “ep.”
  4. After logon has completed, the Zoom client should load after a few seconds. Click the “Join” button.
  5. Consult the list of Class Meeting IDs that should be posted in the room. Enter the meeting ID of the class you wish to join and click “Join.”
    You should now be in the class or meeting.

After class or the meeting finishes, please do the following:

  1. In Zoom, click "End Meeting" at the bottom right of the Zoom window and click "End Meeting for All" (if that option is not available, click "Leave Meeting").
  2. On the control box, click "Off" to turn off the classroom's displays.
  3. Leave the computer on. Do NOT turn off or shut down the computer.
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